Friday, October 30, 2009

Stacks on - VAGINAS!

In response to an article lamenting crafters’ apparent need to “put a vagina on everything” (where are these wonderful people? I wanna play with them!)a very clever indeed Etsy seller has created this ‘Vagina on Vagina’ tampon holder.

vagina on vagina

It is a detatchable vagina pin on a vagina purse and it is genius. I am very proud to be putting this vagina blog post on top of the vagina pin on top of the vagina purse. Vagina on vagina on vagina! Put your vagina comments on it!

Stacks on VAGINAS!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Don't stop the press! Cunts in print!

Today I quite like trad media, and one publication in particular - Frankie magazine. In their latest edition they showcased different creative collectives from around the country including Craft Cartel (the rad craft group I run with Rayna Fahey). So far, so ace, but the really really really ace bit is that, in their infinite wisdom, they decided to print the answers we gave to most of their questions verbatim including (the ace-est bit) the word 'cunt'. They didn't have to. They could easily have snipped it off or blanked it out (all other print publications who have written anything about us have done so) . Frankie is a sweet, whimsical little periodical and I thought it would hit the cutting-room floor as quick as a blush. I have rarely been so happy to be proven wrong. Frankie is no lightweight, Frankie has guts: Frankie rocks.

Therefore you should all go and buy a copy immediately. Apart from the joy of seeing the word 'cunt' in mainstream glossy print, you can get a chunk of really handy tips about green renting from Cartel stalwarts Cate & Chris (wearing their hats) PLUS read contributions from at least two of my fuck-sisters ('fuck-sisterhood', of course, referring to the relationship between two women who have had sex with the same man at different times). The last probably isn't much of a selling point for most of you (particularly as the man in question has been quite prolific so the coincidence is kinda small) but, for me, it added a nice spice to an already enjoyable read.

"What's one thing we should know about the group? We don't find the word 'cunt' offensive. Why would you? They're deep, warm and delightful. Rotarians, on the other hand, are disturbing."