Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I support getting hitched, even with all its hitches

I won’t say that I’ll never get married for the same reason I strongly believe I’ll never get married. And that reason is that I believe that making a decision at one point in time which will unnecessarily over-ride all subsequent decisions at later points until you cark it is depressing, limiting and bloody stupid.

Besides, at this point in time, I believe that if I fall in love it will be with a woman so we wouldn’t be allowed to get married. This completely sucks. Even though the likelihood of me wanting to get hitched is super-slim it is my right as much as it is the right of any other human. And plenty of gay people personally want to be able to marry a spouse a lot more than I do so let’s hurry up & get the law changed already. Honestly, humanity evolves culturally at such a slow pace it makes my teeth itch.

Then we can get on to replacing the ‘till death do we part nonsense with something much more beautiful & true like ‘till ever we change our minds.

Equal Love rallies will be held around the nation this Saturday 20th, Nov at 1pm. Melbourne's is at the State Library.

Friday, August 6, 2010


Recently I was honoured to be invited by the International Womens Development Agency to create a textile piece for an exhibition to celebrate their 25th anniversary.  The Agency is very ace, working in partnership with struggling women from the Asia-Pacific region to help them help their communities.

I worked with artist Ann Maher & together we created a series of collage/embroidery pieces, one of which will be shown at the exhibition & which I will post a pic of here when I figure out how to work my camera computer doovie.

In the meantime check out my appearance on DAYTIME TELLY (!!!) with former IWDA president Colleen Clare.

All the pieces can be seen at the IWDA's birthday on Thurs 12 August at Fitzroy Town hall & will then be travelling around the country - check 'em out! 

Monday, July 12, 2010

Thank you, Generic Viagra, and other gentle readers

It's always makes me so happy when people let me know that they have connected with something I've written. A little comment at the end of a post can really brighten a day which is why this comment from Generic Viagra following my 'I'm never playing ping-pong again' post caused me so much delight:

generic viagra says...

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Generic may not be a person, exactly, and it may have inversed the argument of my article, but I guess it's to be expected that some meaning will be lost in the human to machine translation. In any case, the comment made me smile so thank you readers - spambots and breathers all .x.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Double Your Wardrobe OVERNIGHT! Ask me how!

I've always thought that lesbianism would be a good move, from a clothing perspective. And it's true! Having a girlfriend means that I now have a partner who smells lovely, doesn't give me stubble rash, can lend me tampons & lipstick if I forget mine &, most delightfully, has doubled my wardrobe.

Knits & jackets & slacks & heels. It's all very wonderful, I highly recommend it.