Thursday, March 22, 2012

If you don't needle a cunt now, you might be needling your own cunt later

It's a sad truth, over in the US of A, that if the Republicans are able to override women's control of their own reproductive systems, many of those women will resort to dangerous and self-harming measures in desperate attempts to regain that control.
But they haven't won yet! So, American sisters, before you start thinking of alternate places to shove your knitting needles - shove them where they belong: in a ball of wool & at your Congressmen.
The genius 'Government Free VJJ' is encouraging sane people to knit female reproductive systems & send them to those less sane & in power with the question "Congressmen: If we knit you a uterus will you stay out of ours?"
Their site has free patterns & instructions so you can learn how to crochet if you don't know how 'cause seriously: this is the only thing you ever want to use a knitting needle for.