Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ich bin ein Cunt Künstler

Ah Berlin! How can you fault a place where the word for art is 'kunst'? It's a city of beer & sausage & battle-wounds & while I gravitate more towards wine & pastries, sunshine & play (such a girl ), it nicked my heart because it has a kind of raw & growly potential about it - a sense that anything & everything is possible.

I think I spent most of my stay hanging out with Aussie ex-pats but they were the BEST kind - Bali & London must get all out southern-cross tattooed footy bogans, Berlin has ou
r finest.

While I was there I wanted to take advantage of the crazy cheap beer & I wasn't up for drinking it so I organised an impromptu Femme Fight Club beer fight instead.

(FFC pictures by Ulrika Walmark)

Oh, it was fun....

I now have a whole new understanding of the concept of 'sticky'.

Danke Berlin, I will be back, not for your beer but for your people & your possibiliti
es. Not only is Berlin home to one of my all time favourite people, Ms Melisa Gray-ward (who sweetly let me bomb her loungeroom with my junk for two weeks) it also has one of the healthiest queer scenes I've ever come across. Especially seeing as it wasn't so long ago that they tried to exterminate all homos...

So in honour of Berlin & with
❤, on my last evening, outside a very awesome queer cabaret event, I flung (with the help of a local punk) this special pair of blonde-hair & blue Aryan cunts.

Abschied Berlin

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Conceal IT! Reveal IT!

I'm travelling through Europe at the moment, first stop Paris. A land where they DO NOT USE A WORD FOR FEMALE GENITALIA AS A DEROGATORY TERM = a land which I ♥.

So fucking lovely to be out of freezing Melbourne winter & to be able to wear what I want. At the moment I'm sitting in the sunshine in a t-shirt & not much else. Of course, I can't wear everything I might like to here...

Since April 2011, women have been banned from wearing burqas in public in France, the Govenment audaciously citing feminist motivations, stating that to "ensure the dignity of the person and equality between sexes, this practice, even if it is voluntary, cannot be tolerated in any public place". In Australia & elesewhere, there have been calls for similar laws, also sometimes, on 'feminist' grounds.

How legally enforcing any form of dress on women can be a feminist action is beyond me.

In both of these countries we, as women, are already compelled, culturally & legally, to cover our cunts & breasts so now we are required to simultaneously conceal & reveal different parts of our bodies. The law-makers do not seem to see the inherent hypocrisy in this situation. Their bizarre dissection of the female anatomy & the privileging of some parts over others is fascinating, disturbing & profoundly fucked-up.

So, I made some special Cunt Fling-Ups...

Conceal IT! Reveal IT!

LE cacher! LE révéler!

I exhibited them as part of the Ladyfest Paris festival which really was ALL kinds of awesome...

And normally I would then go & fling the cunts up over a power-line but Paris has NO powerlines so I had to look for somewhere else to hang them...

Saturday, July 2, 2011

So, I think I might be in love...

You can tell it's love when you think that they're just AWESOME & you start daydreaming about your future together & smiling inanely while staring into space & jumbling up all of your words, yeah?

Check this out:

La Barbe

& this:


La Barbe (The Beard) is a group of French women who don facial hair & hijack the French Senate, corporate do's & "places of male power" to show their "commitment to resisting male hegemony and make visible all the ridiculous situations of inequality betweenmen and women". Their manifesto proclaims: "It is time to put feminism in the saddle and set out to conquer the territories of power in all its forms".

So is this love? I think they are just AWESOME. I am gonna ask them if I can set up an Aussie chapter & am smiling inanely while I daydream about them saying yesyesyes & jumbling up all my words.
Admittedly the word jumble bit is probably ma
inly due to me being in France trying to learn French which I haven't attempted since before I got my first period. But still, I think it's pretty clear - I am smitten.