Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ich bin ein Cunt Künstler

Ah Berlin! How can you fault a place where the word for art is 'kunst'? It's a city of beer & sausage & battle-wounds & while I gravitate more towards wine & pastries, sunshine & play (such a girl ), it nicked my heart because it has a kind of raw & growly potential about it - a sense that anything & everything is possible.

I think I spent most of my stay hanging out with Aussie ex-pats but they were the BEST kind - Bali & London must get all out southern-cross tattooed footy bogans, Berlin has ou
r finest.

While I was there I wanted to take advantage of the crazy cheap beer & I wasn't up for drinking it so I organised an impromptu Femme Fight Club beer fight instead.

(FFC pictures by Ulrika Walmark)

Oh, it was fun....

I now have a whole new understanding of the concept of 'sticky'.

Danke Berlin, I will be back, not for your beer but for your people & your possibiliti
es. Not only is Berlin home to one of my all time favourite people, Ms Melisa Gray-ward (who sweetly let me bomb her loungeroom with my junk for two weeks) it also has one of the healthiest queer scenes I've ever come across. Especially seeing as it wasn't so long ago that they tried to exterminate all homos...

So in honour of Berlin & with
❤, on my last evening, outside a very awesome queer cabaret event, I flung (with the help of a local punk) this special pair of blonde-hair & blue Aryan cunts.

Abschied Berlin

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M said...

The pleasure was all mine! Berlin can't wait to have you back...

M x x x