Saturday, July 2, 2011

So, I think I might be in love...

You can tell it's love when you think that they're just AWESOME & you start daydreaming about your future together & smiling inanely while staring into space & jumbling up all of your words, yeah?

Check this out:

La Barbe

& this:


La Barbe (The Beard) is a group of French women who don facial hair & hijack the French Senate, corporate do's & "places of male power" to show their "commitment to resisting male hegemony and make visible all the ridiculous situations of inequality betweenmen and women". Their manifesto proclaims: "It is time to put feminism in the saddle and set out to conquer the territories of power in all its forms".

So is this love? I think they are just AWESOME. I am gonna ask them if I can set up an Aussie chapter & am smiling inanely while I daydream about them saying yesyesyes & jumbling up all my words.
Admittedly the word jumble bit is probably ma
inly due to me being in France trying to learn French which I haven't attempted since before I got my first period. But still, I think it's pretty clear - I am smitten.


Anonymous said...

I will join your Aussie group please!

Casey said...

Yes, do! I have the Frenchy's blessing - La Barbe Australia is coming soon!