Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I support getting hitched, even with all its hitches

I won’t say that I’ll never get married for the same reason I strongly believe I’ll never get married. And that reason is that I believe that making a decision at one point in time which will unnecessarily over-ride all subsequent decisions at later points until you cark it is depressing, limiting and bloody stupid.

Besides, at this point in time, I believe that if I fall in love it will be with a woman so we wouldn’t be allowed to get married. This completely sucks. Even though the likelihood of me wanting to get hitched is super-slim it is my right as much as it is the right of any other human. And plenty of gay people personally want to be able to marry a spouse a lot more than I do so let’s hurry up & get the law changed already. Honestly, humanity evolves culturally at such a slow pace it makes my teeth itch.

Then we can get on to replacing the ‘till death do we part nonsense with something much more beautiful & true like ‘till ever we change our minds.

Equal Love rallies will be held around the nation this Saturday 20th, Nov at 1pm. Melbourne's is at the State Library.

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