Friday, August 6, 2010


Recently I was honoured to be invited by the International Womens Development Agency to create a textile piece for an exhibition to celebrate their 25th anniversary.  The Agency is very ace, working in partnership with struggling women from the Asia-Pacific region to help them help their communities.

I worked with artist Ann Maher & together we created a series of collage/embroidery pieces, one of which will be shown at the exhibition & which I will post a pic of here when I figure out how to work my camera computer doovie.

In the meantime check out my appearance on DAYTIME TELLY (!!!) with former IWDA president Colleen Clare.

All the pieces can be seen at the IWDA's birthday on Thurs 12 August at Fitzroy Town hall & will then be travelling around the country - check 'em out! 


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Rayna said...

I think it was actually the best tv ever


I heart my cunt said...
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I heart my cunt said...

Hey Casey,

I can't tell you delighted i am to find a similar person to me! I'm Lady Cuntlove and I have just started a blog with my friends La Cuntess and Queen Clit

I work as a sexual health advisor in Brighton, UK and am currently researching "Pleasure Positive Sexual Health Promotion" which will mean running focus groups with young women about exploring their cunts and promoting masturbation as a way to get to know yourself before rushing into sex.

We are all about advocating for the beauty of the cunt to be celebrated and want to spread out message. We'd love to post a piece about you on our blog and vice versa?

We are planning on launching the blog soon in Brighton on White Night and will have be in full costume as Lady Cuntlove, La Cuntess and Queen Clit.

Cunt lovers unite!

Casey said...

Lady Cuntlove! how delightful! I have been stupidly distracted with other bits & pieces so just saw your comment now but I shall check out your blog pronto xx