Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Lunt ain't no Cunt

There have been recent reports in the media about a wee little town somewhere in the UK whose residents are having a bit of a problem with vandals. For some reason no newspapers have yet felt compelled to print any examples of the vandalism so I have here produced an artists reconstruction for your enlightenment:

The residents of Lunt have gotten themselves into such a tizz that they are considering changing their town's name and not, it appears, to 'Cunt' as suggested by vandals.

As a general rule, I understand why people get uppity when their property is defaced by freelance graffers, even if it could be argued that the property has been beautified (as is surely the case here). And after devoting a solid 15minutes to researching the town I believe I understand the residents' embarrassment - Lunt is simply not Cunt-worthy.

To illustrate my point here is Lunt's major (only?) attraction in pictures - the Lunt Fort:

not cunty

not cunty

nothing cuntish here

nope, not even vaguely cunt-like

I rest my case.

The last thing the cunts of this world need is to be associated any further with fortresses. I want graff artists to find a nice open, pretty, hot, welcoming and wild little town instead.

And when a deserving town is found I have a couple of minor suggestions for the signage:

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Petunia Skunk said...

oooh, Lunt is very Uncunty isn't it?