Saturday, June 14, 2008

This cunt gets around

I have been very busy for the past month staring at sunsets like this:

But Ms. Kakariki has roused me from my tropical slumber with news of this delightful & stylish garment:

Etsy :: kaibrina :: Black Striped Vagina Tank Top
Black Striped Vagina Tank Top, kaibrina, $20.00

Once I had gotten over marvelling at how pretty it is I had an uncomfortable moment after thinking 'but I probably wouldn't wear it here'. Then I realised that I probably wouldn't tell any of the Thais I've met here about my preoccupation with the wonder that is the cunt, either. Am I embarrassed? Am I only interested in preaching to the converted? Possibly yes. Oh dear.

Thais are (in general) quite coy, demure - it's not unusual to see locals swimming fully clothed. I guess I think ramming a cunt down their throats just won't be a very effective way of endearing it to them. And yet I relish the idea of putting cunts in the face of all & any back on my home soil - whether they feel ready for it or not. Why is this? I'm confused.

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