Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mass Media Massacre

So far I have managed to incorporate cunts into every Trash-bag Rehab we've held at Craft Cartel. This month we had two projects, the first involved re-censored magazines via the under-appreciated art of decoupage, blanking out bits we found offensive and inserting neglected words such as cunt where we thought appropriate. We then distributed the much-improved media items to doctors waiting offices and bus-shelters right around this fair town.

Here's a copy of the ziney low-down for anyone who missed out:

plus we were entertained by:

Alt-Burlesque artist AnAmontAna a.k.a. Diva von Dada again amused and bemused with a compelling media dissection which involved a toaster, naturally.

& Emilie Zoey Baker, spoken word queen was freaking awesome. Fannyist indeed.

The materials were simple...

(Still life with blu-stick)

But the results, for the first project at least, were super:

Yes, yes he does.

My personal favourite


This one was made by a professional poet (as if you couldn't tell)

The second project, where we were supposed to use junk mail to decorate the letters of a big banner spelling 'BUY LESS CRAP' which we would then display at some shopping mecca didn't really go according to plan.... people got all creative on me! They wouldn't stick within the bloody lines, bless them. So while the resulting work is a fascinating discourse on the chaotic and rampant nature of consumerism in today's society (...or something...) it isn't actually legible.

No matter. I plan to shamelessly manipulate their anti-media-manipulation work so the banner can be read & we'll display it at our next flock 'n' flog which is coming up real soon, subscribe to Craft Cartel for details.



shula said...

That is just fucking GENIUS.

I love you.

tara said...

you guys are the best..........inspired!!!!