Friday, August 28, 2009


Sometimes I get so caught up in my little circle of lovely, enlightened friends that I forget what a crazy old world it is - I lose perspective. When this happens I switch on Benny Hinn.

Have you seen it? I've never actually sat with the program before but in the wee hours of yesterday morning, huddled in my doona hiding from the wild wind and wilder nightmares, I tuned in. Oh My God. I tried to find a YouTube clip of the segment I saw to share with you but no such luck (curse). It was beyond bizarre. A lot of talk about false prophets and Anti-Christs and dramatic doom culminating in a sneak peak of one of the female leaders strumming a guitar and singing to a weeping follower. As the woman wiped tears from her eyes the voice-over intoned -

'Tune in tomorrow as blah-blah (the leader's name eludes me) sings to a
woman who was date-raped, became pregnant and considered an abortion'.

For Real. Crazy crazy world. Next time I think I'll just stay in bed and sweat out the nightmares.


The Glass Pinata said...

at least he isn't koshi

Casey said...

Ah yes, Koshi. Benny tells us the Anti-Christ is coming then, right on cue, there he is in the next time slot for breakfast telly.

Anonymous said...


The tv is the nightmare... such crap they serve up to us..