Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dawn Fraser split my lip

I didn't see her coming. I tuned in to the morning news & there was the 71 year old swimming champ talking about how she responded to a potential burglar, he came running out & grabbed her around the throat so she:

"grabbed him around the ear and hair and kneed him in the groin"

& then I grinned & then my lip split.

71: legend. I don't usually advocate violence but Dawn, you can split my lip any time.


LABANAN said...

I like that she knew what to do. Or didn't freak out. Not like me. When I thought there was a real bear on our trail after imagining him for ages, I said in a big loud weeny voice - Ok Ok, we're leaving right now! Gawd.

Anonymous said...

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Casey said...

Labanan - I think your response was equally impressive - verbal negotiation with a bear! You obviously convinced it, real or imaginary, to piss off so job well done.