Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Cunt Day! & multiple happy returns.

International Women's Day, like my birthday, always brings out mixed emotions in me.

First & foremost I have a feeling of jubilation: Yay! It's a celebration & it's celebrating mememe us women hurrah! Then I have a sobering moment of: Oh fuck another year has passed and sweet bloody fuck all has changed. Then I remember: Yay! It's a celebration for mememe us women! & I put on a nice frock & eat some cake.

Such was the case this year.

A lovely day of hanging around with Melbourne brothers & sisters celebrating feminism with plenty of well wishes flitting about in the cyber realm & even a few presents, such as the following video. It's been posted a zillion times (with mixed but mainly positive responses) on facefuck so I thought I may as well re-gift it here. It depicts the dude who plays James Bond listening to Judy Dench go through a list of the current inequalities between men & women.

Watching it I thought: yeah - this is pretty cool, showing a guy who represents a stereotype of heightened masculinity listening to & apparently thoughtfully absorbing the words of a woman talking about sexual inequality - this is a good thing. Yay! Celebration etc.

Then I read the comments below the vid & had my sobering moment. The flip side of surrounding myself with ace men & women is that I can sometimes loose touch with reality. I honestly forget how many boofheads there are out there. The general gist of most of the comments was 'why can't men be men & women be women?'

Says phillyvinilli: 'Some guys need to be nicer but also some girls also need stop being so skanky'

Says 0678421: 'WHAT DO YOU TELL A WOMAN WITH TWO BLACK EYES? Nothing you already told her twice.'

Says geoharmonic: 'If sexual equality is similar to where things have been going then I don't want to go there. I prefer men being men and women being women. Too much of the equality idea is not good. Those statistics are all about high end jobs. Most jobs that people work in offer similar pay.'

GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ! Way to try & dampen the celebrations shitwits. It's our party & we can cry if we want to but actually I don't wanna. So, I'm gonna take off my pretty frock, eat some cake & send a big celebratory loveheart out to all the ace men & women who have joined in the feminism festivities.

We may not yet share the same rights as these snailbrains but at least we don't share their wrongs.

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At Witts End said...

'CINADW' how do you think is the best way to respond to people who say this kind of thing like in the responses? BC I think it's really kind of common that point of view and I hear people from my own family (extended) say that kind of shit a lot and I never know what to say to them as a response. I love your blog and your attitude and I would really like to know what you think is the best thing to say to them. Thanks! Keep writing. love from At.Witts. End.