Friday, August 26, 2011

Mainstream Medusa

We all know that if you watch too much mainstream media your brain will go numb & very soon your entire body will turn to stone.
But for a short time you're gonna get impunity from this terrible fate & are encouraged to watch 'cause I am on it! Briefly.

& actually, it's ABC TV & Radio National which I'm on. Hardly 'mainstream'. More like side-streams, little puddly brooks which aren't nearly so polluted but which not many people bother swimming in either. In fact, they're far enough out of the way that you can go skinny dipping in them, which is exactly what I did. Yes - cunts out in the media.

Each of the programs which include meeeeee aired a week or two ago but both are downloadable from the net.

1st up is Making It Handmade - the doco about subversive craft made by Anna Brownfield. Featuring crafters, my partner at Craft Cartel Rayna Fahey, Gemma Jones, Pip Lincolne & me, it first screened at Melbourne International Film Festival last year & made it's smallscreen debut on ABC2 on August 15. You can still view it here on iview, but only for a few more days I think so get lookin.

When you're through looking, have a listen to this radio feature on yarnbombing by Suzanne Donisthorpe, made for Radio National's Artworks program. Mine is the voice which sounds like it belongs to a 12 year old near the end.

And if you're still marvelling at how a 32 year old woman can keep her vocal chords so young (I spread Oil of Olay on my toast!), have a listen to the piece I did with Nicole Hurtubise for 'People's Tours', a brainchild of Jane Curtis. You can download it from the People's Tours webpage here, or from the 3CR radio station here (along with tours of rollerderby, women's pool comps, the Aboriginal history of Gertrude st & Yana Alana's take on rage).

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