Saturday, September 10, 2011

Beyond Cool

The U.K's Sunday Times has just given 'vag art' the thumbs down in their style section's 'Barometer' column. 'Barometer' is one of those indispensable What's hot?!! What's not?!! guides without which the world would surely come to a grinding halt because OMG! how could we possibly function if we didn't have someone telling us what was the hippest hip hipness of the moment??! We'd have to, like, form our own opinions or some shit! Aiiii! Too terrifying to even contemplate.


Apparently feminism's "new fascination" with "our bits" is "gross".

If some unfortunate woman (I'm assuming it's a woman based on the "our bits" statement) is so consumed with self loathing that she finds parts of her own body "gross" all I can feel is pity. That PLUS she's stuck writing a goddamn hot&not column - I'm hesitant to be too critical 'cause she obviously doesn't have much to live for. However, she directly slagged off an awesome project - Embroideries: a campaign to end female genital mutilation, who have been doing wonderful work putting together a beautiful quilt of cunts to draw attention to this horrific practise. When since has campaigning against FGM been a fucking style issue? 

Uncool, Sunday Times, very uncool.

If you, or someone you know, write a 'hot or not' column or find your bits "gross" please contact Beyond Blue for depression counselling & SHUT THE FUCK UP.


Gabrielle said...

Great blog Casey.

Casey said...

Thank you! (& right back at ya)

Carpet Munching Cook said...

Finding your bits gross must make showering, dressing, sex and masturbation horrifying at best and impossible at worst. Seek help, woman.