Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pussies are ALL RIOT

Have you been following the extreme rad-ness of all-female Russian art-punk band Pussy Riot?

These women are guts on a mic. They've performed on top of buses, in shop windows, in subways, at protest rallies, on fashion runways & most lately, in a Russion Orthodox Church. All uninvited but definitely appreciated (at least by hopelessly love-struck sycophants like me). They've also performed outside prison walls to political prisoners which you can see in this ace vid:

But unfortunately that last performance in the church has landed three of their members on the wrong side of those prison walls & now they themselves are political prisoners.  They're facing charges or hooliganism over the next couple of days which could land them in prison for 7 years. Outrageous.

Melbourne Femme Fight Club got together a couple of weeks ago to show their support for the group:

And you can too - tomorrow arvo 4-6pm at Parliament Steps, Melbourne. Come down & show that it is A VERY GOOD THING for women to be loud & forthright & gutsy. Pussy Riot faced enormous obstacles in getting themselves heard - make yourself heard in their support.

Free Pussy Riot!

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