Tuesday, December 23, 2008

bloody predictable

If you asked me to word associate 'cunt', it would take a long looooong time before you heard me utter the word 'aunt'. Probably about 2 trillion words would spring to mind before that one, at a rough estimate. There's 'hot', 'delightful', 'yummy', 'blood', 'pleasure', 'pink', 'sex', 'woman', etc etc etc. Yep, it would take a long time before 'aunt' sprang to mind.

Not so for mobile phone manufacturers. When they think about cunt their minds turn immediately, not to sex but to their aunties. Or perhaps to sex and their aunties but that's a tad disturbing so I won't explore that angle any further. In any case, the nong heads have arranged it so that when you try to type 'cunt' into your phone the following appears:

As if to say - you were thinking of 'cunt' but what you really want to say is 'aunt', yes? No, Nokia - NO!

And even when you try to correct them by scrolling through the predictive text word-change doovie all that happens is this:

Now this is just ridiculous. Why on earth do we need a made up gibberish nonsense word on our phones more than the vital 'cunt'? Maybe mobile radiation does affect the brain after-all 'cause something is clearly very wrong in the land of cell-phone peddlers. Pack of bloody cumu-heads.

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