Saturday, April 11, 2009

Can I put a disco ball in the anus, Mum?

Oh good lordy that was fun. Trashbag Rehab was an exercise in cunt-making mania.

At a rough guesstimate, one kazillion freakishly gorgeous people showed up,

collected their respect-your-box kit with needle, thread and basic instructions,

kicked back to tunes from DJ Super Julie

and proceeded to create the most divinely diverse array of cunt fling-ups yet.

The results were wonderful

Though there is reason to suspect that, despite being given diagrams, some of the crafters were quite unfamiliar with the appearance of a cunt...

... they were all made with love & hot love was in the air when the evening ended with the awesome punk-knitting vid 'Marsha' by Kate Just.

My favourite quotes from the event:

"I picked up a cute boy last night but I left my vagina at the bar" -Hannah

"Who ARE these people?" - Passer-by

& from the eight year old son of Bebida Bar's owners "Mum, can I put a disco ball in the anus?" to which she replied "Yes you can, Son, yes you can". Gold.

I wanna do it all again! Which is good, because we are. The next Trashy Rehab will also be blessedly cunt-related: embroidery porn. Subscribe to Craft Cartel & we'll let you know all about it. In the meantime - give your cunt a nice fling xx

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shula said...

You guys are fantastic.