Saturday, April 18, 2009

Intrepid cunts venture into the deep dark south

Melbourne, for those who haven't had the pleasure of visiting, is a city divided. Quite literally - down its middle flows the Yarra River and though you could swim from bank to bank through the slow coffee water in under five minutes people just. don't. cross. You'd think it was a sky-high electric barbed wire fence patrolled by cannibalistic lepers, the way we avoid it. We're Northside or we're Southside and, except for in extreme emergencies, we stick to our own turf.

Which is why I am so very impressed that two of the daring crafters who attended Trashbag Rehab took the gorgeous cunts they produced on the evening, left their beer-stained comfort zone, and bravely ventured to the spray-tanned bleached-teeth south for so
me flinging action.

Well done Jade & Andrea - brilliant work.

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Kakariki said...

"We're Northside or we're Southside" except when you're WESTSIDE!