Thursday, May 14, 2009

"a word you don't say on television"

Jane Fonda said 'cunt' on air. The Today show decided to apologise for this. The current top news items on the show are a baby who got a pencil stuck in its neck and the 'story' behind the release of some racey pictures of a beauty pageant runner-up. I am eagerly awaiting the apology for these.

"We would do nothing to offend the audience." Well, I find your blandness offensive, but I guess I'm not really your audience.


Anonymous said...

hahahaha! I love this.. I wanna blog it too..

Cunts for all of is. I have a friend who made his ownand wears it out regularly. He can even wee out of it.

Casey said...

A strap-on cunt?! My mind is boggling!